We were born to offer high quality acai berry providing our customers with food security and we are customer obsessed. So, provide high quality, security and profitability açai berry is our mission. We spread the Açai berry taste around the world, making a healthy and nutritive product.

Our entire production line only uses registered, certified and approved products with Brazilian Agriculture Ministry. Following the most demanding safety rules, it is possible to guarantee the highest quality standards. Wide business proposition opportunity

Business opportunity

White Label – White Brand

The Açai berry product with your brand. We manufacture for you You can take advantage to launch your own açai berry brand on the US market or improve an existent one with an incomparable quality of a premium product. We have more than 30 years of experience manufacturing, managing and selling with a competitive and odd know how. Optimize the capital and operational expenses focus your time on what really matters.

You can let you one step forward since you will not need to loosing time with employees hiring, revenue development, manufacturing licenses and all bureaucracies. International standard quality approved by FDA. End to end controlled process since the raw material until the delivery at your door.

We supply several partners that trust us the honorable mission of manufacturing the açai berry and cupuaçu cream to distribute among renowned franchises.


Açai Berry facts

Açaí is a fruit typically grown in the Amazon, rich in antioxidants and nutrients, incredibly tasty and has been well accepted by the four corners of the world. Count with us to export the nest Açai, Cupuaçu and Pitaya with passion fruit cream.

Count with us to export the nest Açai, Cupuaçu and Pitaya with passion fruit cream.

We have all credentials needed with the US control and fiscalization bodies. You can import directly by your brand using our specialized white label know how We have a superior productive capacity against competition without supply disruption even between harvest periods.


Undertake and have financial independence!

Become a distributor of AÇAÍ and be part of a market recognized as a world trend.

A profitable product with all legal requirements ready. You will have all support to launch your own brand. The options include groceries, bakeries, snack bars, restaurants and delivery services such door dash and grub hub, etc.

You can profit from the sale of products with our brand that is already registered and known in the market, or launch your brand of Açaí, Cupuaçu and Pitaya with Passion Fruit, serving various businesses in your region, such as markets, bakeries, delivers, snack bars. , canteens, restaurants and others.


We come to a new era, where the delivery demand grown astronomically. You can take advantage of opportunity to create your business We bring to you a high-quality product with the best win win cost benefits for delivery. No air injection neither water ensure the most elevate consistency and ideal yield. In addition to being creamy and easy to fill Unquestionable flavor and quality make our product the best one option.


Ice cream and Açai berry cream facing a different process and ingredients, understand the production sensitive point it’s essential to achieve success.

We offer you the nest solution for this challenge. We are specialists in the manufacture of Açaí, Cupuaçu and Pitaya cream!

No Lactose, dyes and preservatives in our formula. With this you will not detect ice crystals. The high fruit concentration brings to your customers the highest expectations Have Tropicália Mix in your ice cream parlor, you will not regret it!


Have you ever thought about having your own business? On the beach, in the square, or wherever you want?


SUPERMARKETS, BAKER SHOPS, RESTAURANTS, SNACKS ... Introducing Açaí in your portfolio is an excellent option to increase the average ticket in your current customers and win new customers. We manufacture with excellence especially for you in different packages, come and be part of our success!


You will be able to buy at retail at factory prices in our store! We wait for you from Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 17:30, Saturday from 9:00 to 13:00, we do not open on Sundays and holidays

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